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The University Library is committed to the principles of the open access movement, which aims to improve the accessibility and reusability of scientific content. Our digitised content is therefore provided with the most liberal licences possible. In the case of digitised works that are in the public domain (i.e. works for which the term of copyright has expired), this is the Creative Commons Public Domain Mark. In the case of copyrighted work and if the rights holder has given his/her approval, it is the Creative Commons licence Im Fall noch urheberrechtlich geschützter Werke ist dies, sofern die Rechteinhaber zustimmen, die Creative Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY). The applicable licence terms for each case can be found in the provided bibliographic data

The Digitised Collections of the University Library of Technische Universität Berlin are available worldwide to all interested parties. We ask that you please use a complete reference (as described below) when using our digitised content. When reusing CC BY licenced content, you are required to explicitly state the licence. We would be very pleased if you could send us a link to websites that make use of the Digitised Collections. Likewise, if you use them in your scientific work, we would be very pleased to receive a copy of your work.

Title of the work, digitised copy of the University Library of Technische Universität Berlin, PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) of the image/title, name and link to the Creative Commons licence.

  1. Example public domain work: Programm der Königlichen Studienanstalt Passau, digitised copy of the University Library of Technischen Universität Berlin, , public domain .
  2. Example copyrighted work: 50 Jahre ASpB - Dienstleistungen für die Zukunft: 26. Arbeits- und Fortbildungstagung der ASpB/Sektion 5 im DBV; 4. bis 8. März 1997 in Berlin, digitised copy of the University Library of Technischen Universität Berlin, , licenced under Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International (CC BY) .
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